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The 22 Best Places For Coffee In Brighton (Ultimate Guide)

Brighton, England. A city brimming with eclectic coffee shops, each promising the allure of that perfect cup of joe. Believe me, I know how overwhelming it can feel – venturing from one café to another, hoping for a sip of greatness among countless mediocre mugs.

But fear not! The hidden gems are indeed there in this vibrant city and here’s where the fun part begins: our caffeinated journey through 21 of Brighton’s finest coffee spots. Expect more than just great cafes and unusual coffee; immerse yourself in atmospheres as rich and diverse as Brighton itself.

So buckle up coffee lovers, our adventure awaits!

1. Small Batch Coffee Roasters – Roastery & Cafe

Small Batch Coffee Roasters is a must-visit spot for coffee. It stands out in the Brighton coffee scene. The team there cares a lot about serving good coffee. They get their coffee beans from nice places and treat them with great care at their own roastery.

The cafes are easy to find all around Brighton. I love that each one has a cool, modern feel inside. You can sit and enjoy your cup of joe or grab one on the go. Either way, it’s sure to be a high-quality experience! Small Batch isn’t just popular among locals – visitors to Brighton & Hove always seem drawn to it too.

2. Twin Pines – Speciality Coffee

Twin Pines on St James’s St, situated in Brighton’s vibrant North Laines district, is a cherished café renowned for its exceptional coffee. Embracing a commitment to the art of coffee-making, this café has earned its place in the “Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee in North Laines,” attracting coffee enthusiasts from all around. Beyond its outstanding brews, Twin Pines offers a captivating ambiance with its eclectic décor, providing a cozy and artful atmosphere. If you’re a coffee snob this perfect place for you. 

Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique café when in Brighton—where every cup is a journey into coffee excellence, and every visit is a delightful exploration of creativity and charm.

3. Bond St Coffee

Nestled in Brighton’s heart, Bond Street Coffee is a coffee lover’s haven, celebrated for its top-tier brews. It is run by Horsham Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee shop. It’s hailed as “the best coffee ever” by patrons who’ve savored their flat whites and mind-blowing espressos. The café’s delectable cappuccinos and tempting food offerings also earn high praise. Beyond the exceptional drinks and treats, Bond St Coffee stands out for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, with attentive staff ensuring a delightful visit. This café is a must-experience gem in Brighton, where every cup and bite embodies their commitment to quality and excellence.

4. White Cloud Coffee

Nestled in an unassuming spot in Brighton, White Cloud Coffee offers an excellent selection of coffee and tea at affordable prices. The coffee, sourced from Costa Rica, Brazil, and Rwanda, boasts a delightful balance of light yet robust flavors, making it so good that you might skip adding sugar. They also offer tempting cake and sandwich options, and you can choose to enjoy your treats inside their well-decorated space or in the heated outdoor seating area. Despite its hidden location, this café exudes a charming vibe and provides accessibility with disabled toilets. It’s a perfect escape near the beach, offering warmth during chilly winters. White Cloud Coffee takes pride in serving some of Brighton’s best coffee and a range of drinks in a dog-friendly environment. It’s a must-visit for a cozy coffee break or a quick pick-me-up after outdoor activities in Brighton.

5. Cafe Coho.

Cafe Coho is a must-see spot in Brighton. It’s an independent espresso bar and cafe with two locations. One is on Ship Street, the other on Queens Road, near the train station. I love going to the Ship Street Cafe Coho. It’s got free wifi, and outdoor seating and is a prime people-watching location. They have lots of light bites, and teas, and don’t forget to check out their brunch menu. It’s a popular spot! If you want something different, try the one in Hove. This Cafe Coho serves small plates cooked with great care using local ingredients. They also offer European wines there. This isn’t your typical coffee shop either. Cafe Coho has been named one of the top 50 best coffee shops in Brighton! So if you’re a coffee lover like me, make sure to check this place out while visiting Brighton.

6. Presuming Ed’s Coffee House

Presuming Ed’s Coffee House is a quirky cafe located on London Road in Brighton. It’s not your average coffee shop, as it also serves as a bar and bottle shop. The atmosphere here is cool, welcoming, and relaxed. You’ll find all sorts of interesting curiosities and trinkets throughout the space to explore while enjoying your coffee or drink. If you’re looking for a place with character and a laid-back vibe, Presuming Ed’s Coffee House is definitely worth checking out during your visit to Brighton.

7. Redroaster at Brighton Dome

Redroaster at Brighton Dome is a new café and restaurant that recently opened after some construction work. It’s a popular spot known for its fresh coffee, delicious food, and amazing brunches. I’ve heard great things about their all-day dining options too. Redroaster has received positive reviews on Tripadvisor, which makes me even more excited to visit this place when I’m in Brighton. The fact that they are now the restaurant partner for Brighton Dome shows how good they are at what they do. I can’t wait to try their specialty coffee and maybe even indulge in one of their famous brunch dishes!

8. Wheat & Beans

Wheat & Beans is a popular coffee shop located at 117 St. James’s Street in Brighton. It has been mentioned in numerous articles and guides as one of the best coffee spots in Brighton. This cozy cafe is situated in the vibrant North Laines area, known for its unique shops and cafes. Wheat & Beans is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a great cup of coffee while exploring this hip neighborhood. While it’s unclear if Wheat & Beans is part of the Small Batch coffee chain, it has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. So, make sure to add this charming cafe to your list when you visit Brighton!

9. Starfish & Coffee

Starfish & Coffee is a café in Brighton, England that you don’t want to miss. With 188 unbiased Tripadvisor reviews and an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5, it’s clear that this place knows how to make great coffee. Ranked #117 out of 1141 restaurants in Brighton, Starfish & Coffee is well-loved by locals and visitors alike.

One interesting fact about this café is that it was opened by Tony Marks, a popular DJ from Juice FM. So you know the vibe here will be cool and unique. It’s no wonder Starfish & Coffee is frequently mentioned as one of the best coffee shops in town. Whether you’re looking for a delicious cup of joe or a cozy spot to relax, Starfish & Coffee has got you covered. So if you’re visiting Brighton and craving some high-quality coffee, make sure to stop by Starfish & Coffee for an unforgettable experience.

10. Ikigai Coffee

Ikigai Coffee is one of the top specialty coffee shops in Brighton. It’s situated in Brighton’s vibrant North Laines district, It was started by Jeroen Brugman and has gained a strong reputation among coffee lovers in the city. You can find Ikigai Coffee at Stoney Point, which is considered the ultimate spot for coffee enthusiasts.

What sets Ikigai Coffee apart is their commitment to quality – they serve Monmouth Coffee from a hatch in Brighton. Their dedication to providing great coffee has not gone unnoticed, as they were even featured in The Independent Brighton & Hove Coffee Guide of 2019 as one of the best specialty coffee shops in town.

If you’re looking for an exceptional cup of joe, Ikigai Coffee should be on your list when visiting Brighton.

11. Moksha Caffe

This independent café and restaurant is a must-visit spot for coffee lovers. They serve delicious breakfast and lunch made-to-order, along with their own blend of artisan coffee and mouth-watering cakes. The café has a great atmosphere with friendly staff who take great care in preparing their dishes and drinks. It’s no wonder that Moksha Caffe has won awards for its tasty food and beverages. However, be prepared for it to be busy as it’s a popular spot among the locals. So if you’re looking for a perfect stop to enjoy high-quality coffee and delectable treats, don’t miss out on Moksha Caffe.

12. The Green Corner

The Green Corner is a cozy coffee shop located in Brighton, a charming seaside town in the south of England. This café offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of joe. The staff at The Green Corner are friendly and attentive, ensuring that you have a great experience. They serve high-quality coffee sourced from local roasters, as well as specialty drinks like hot chocolate made with Costa Rican cocoa beans. If you’re hungry, they also offer a selection of tasty pastries and sandwiches. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a place to unwind, The Green Corner is definitely worth checking out when visiting Brighton.

13. Metrodeco

Metrodeco is a cool café in Brighton with an Art Deco interior design. I love going there because they have gluten-free afternoon tea, which is great for people like me who have dietary restrictions. The tea at Metrodeco tastes really good and has lots of different flavors to choose from. It’s also worth mentioning that the café has received excellent reviews on review platforms, so you know it’s a popular spot among visitors and locals alike. One unique thing about Metrodeco is that they offer personal Tarot readings by a local tarot reader named Fiona Coffey. It adds a touch of mystique to your visit if you’re into that kind of thing!

14. Mojo Coffee

Mojo Coffee is one of the best places for coffee in Brighton. The quality and value of their coffee are excellent. It’s amazingly blended to create a mature and rounded taste. Mojo Coffee is not only great for enjoying a good cup of joe, but it’s also a perfect spot to study. The welcoming atmosphere makes it one of the best cafes in Brighton Howell Area. So if you’re looking for top-notch coffee and a cozy place to get some work done, Mojo Coffee is the place to be!

15. The Artisan Cakery

Located in Kemp Town, Brighton, The Artisan Cakery is a charming café that should not be missed on your visit to the city. With positive reviews from travelers on TripAdvisor, this coffee shop has gained a reputation for its delicious cakes and pastries. Offering a variety of freshly baked treats such as mousse cakes, tarts, macarons, eclairs, and more, The Artisan Cakery is perfect for organic coffee and those with a sweet tooth. While it may not be listed among the top coffee shops in the world or Belgium, it still deserves recognition for its delectable offerings. So if you’re looking for a delightful place to satisfy your cravings for something sweet while exploring Brighton’s vibrant culture, make sure to stop by The Artisan Cakery in Kemp Town!

16. Stoney Point

Stoney Point is a cozy and independent coffee shop that you definitely don’t want to miss during your visit to Brighton. It has been recognized as one of the top coffee shops in the area, and for good reason. Located near Seven Dials in Hove, this hidden gem offers a refuge from the usual chain coffee places you see everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or a place to relax with friends, Stoney Point has got you covered. With its positive reviews on Tripadvisor, it’s clear that they take great care in providing their customers with delicious coffee and a friendly atmosphere.

17. 17GRAMS

17GRAMS is just a short walk from Brighton Pier and they serve really good coffee and have a great atmosphere. So it’s the best place for a cappuccino or cold brew after you visit the pier. You can find 17GRAMS on Meeting House Lane in Brighton and Boundary Road in Portslade. Not only do they have delicious coffee, but they also offer some amazing food options. So if you’re looking for a place with tasty drinks and a cool vibe, 17GRAMS is definitely worth checking out when you’re visiting Brighton.

18. Diva Espresso & Eats

Diva Espresso & Eats is the best cafe in Brighton, according to some locals. The owner, Bengu, is really friendly and makes you feel welcome. The coffee there is excellent, and they also serve fresh food. Customers highly recommend this place and say it’s a great spot in town for a cup of joe or a bite to eat. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re visiting Brighton and looking for a good coffee shop.

19. Pelicano Coffee Co.

Pelicano Coffee Co. is another cool coffee place in Brighton. They specialize in roasting high-quality coffee that comes from one source, traded directly with the farmers. I love their attention to detail and commitment to sourcing the best beans. Pelicano has been around since 2014 and they are known for their excellent specialty coffees. When I visited, I was impressed by their cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. The shop is open Monday to Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., making it a perfect spot for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon caffeine fix. There’s even a second location near The Level in Brighton if you’re in that area!

20. Black Mocha

Black Mocha is the best coffee shop in Brighton, according to a review on TripAdvisor. This cafe is special because it’s part of the North Laines coffee scene and Kensington Gardens. They serve a signature drink called the “Iconic Black Mocha,” which combines hot chocolate from Madagascar with their own espresso.

It’s really delicious! If you’re vegan, they also have homemade vegan cakes available. You can find Black Mocha on Gloucester Road in Brighton. I found out about this place in the “Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee in the North Laines” in Brighton.

21. Coffee@33

Coffee@33 is a cozy coffee shop located in Brighton, UK. It’s one of the best places to grab a delicious cup of joe in town. The beans they use come from Monmouth and the local Horsham Coffee Roaster, guaranteeing high-quality and flavorful coffee. I found Coffee@33 mentioned on the “50 best coffee shops and best cafes in Brighton” list, which made me excited to try it out for myself. The owner clearly loves coffee, and that passion shines through in every sip. If you’re looking for a great independent coffee shop with friendly staff and a warm atmosphere, make sure to stop by Coffee@33 when you’re in Brighton.

22. Salvage Cafe

Salvage Cafe is a fantastic place to get the best coffee in Hove. It’s located in Kemptown Village, which is full of cool independent shops and charity stores. The cafe not only serves amazing coffee but also offers a variety of food options. I read a review from August 2015 that praised Salvage Cafe for its exceptional coffee and delicious food. Customers have consistently rated this cafe highly for both its coffee and overall quality.


In conclusion, Brighton offers a vibrant coffee scene with a range of unique and high-quality coffee shops and small cafes to choose from. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these 21 best places for coffee are definitely worth checking out.

So grab a cup of joe and explore the diverse flavors that Brighton has to offer!

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